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WEDDAR - How does it feel?


Weddar is the new people powered weather service.

You can report how the weather feels, request weather reports and share it with friends.

Anyone can be a weather reporter now.


The "Check" Map screen gives you immediate information about how people are feeling the weather anywhere in the world.


Click "Report" on the main menu and you'll see a matrix of 9 Weddar Clouds, each of them with a different colour. That's how you make a "Weddar Report".


Here you can see your personal information. How many reports you've made, the points you have and the Weddar Reporters you follow.


The Leaderboard screen let you know who are the top contributors in Weddar and if you're in the Top 50.


In this screen you can choose if you want to share your reports in Twitter or Facebook, invite your friends to Weddar and know how to use in more detail.

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Because someone had to do it someday. And because it doesn’t make sense that we still depend on old, machine-based, general area location and inaccurate Public Weather Report Services.

Weddar is People Powered Weather Service.

The First people powered weather report service in the world. Get it!

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